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How to Activate windows 8/8.1 without product

How to Activate Window 8.1 Without Key

How to Activate Window 8.1 Without Key 

Most of people around world are moving on another platform just because they don't have money to purchase a Window Operating system.  As moving onto a completely different OS will be more difficult to handle. A window is come with a 25 character key that is used for activate your window on PC, But if you have not a Window key then you will be not able to enjoy complete feature of you operating system.

But here i will tell you about the activation of window will is free of cost.
This Method is only works on following version of window 8

Window 8 Core
Window 8 Core Single Language
Window 8 Enterprise
Window 8 Enterprise N
Window 8 Professional
Window 8.1 Core
Window 8.1 Core Single Language
Window 8.1 Enterprise
Window 8.1 Enterprise N
Window 8.1 Professional

Just follow the step:-

Step 1:- Connect your Pc with INTERNET

Step 2:- Login to your google account and download the activation file. To download the activation file click here
Step 3: Locate the download file on your PC, right click on file and Run it as "Run as administrator" 

Step 4:- Wait for 1 minute while server activate your window

Here you done Enjoy

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