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Artificial Intelligence : A Bless or Curse

Artificial Intelligence : A Bless or Curse 

Artificial intelligence greatly enhanced our “standard of living” but it should not come at the cost of “standard of life” 

It is our privilege that we are living in era of highest technology that has ever produced in the history of mankind. Today we can connect to any person on the earth in just one click. We can get any information of our interest by minimum efforts. With the advancement of internet we become able to watch our favorite shows at any time. 

Few years back, people even waited for days to watch their favorite shows. But now, we are moving from Doordarshan to Netflix. From ordering things to take medical aid online, artificial intelligence becomes part of our lives. It has immensely impact the education sector which is the most sensitive sector today. It provides us the great aid to spread the information in faster modes. 

Artificial Intelligence grown to the extent that we do not require physical presence of teacher anymore. Overall education becomes easier by the use of such technologies. In this lockdown, online education has become even more preferred and encouraged. Even small kids are provided with the smart phones for doing their school work. Unfortunately or fortunately parents have to provide the smart phones aided with internet to their young children. Some years back graduates even don’t have their personal phones but now even school going children are provided with best available smart phones in the market. Now, we don’t have to ask for path from strangers at unknown places as we have path finding system (Google maps) with us. 

The impact of social networking is such that many people don’t have the intention to feed themselves while having a new meal but to share it on social media. Same is the case with travelling or night outs and many more such things. As a result, people are becoming more photogenic, which is away from reality. Show-offs and formalities are becoming more important as compared to intentions. Similarly, esthetic value of things becomes more important as compared to their intended use. There is an anonymous saying that “be aware of social media, no one is posting their failures, it can mislead you”. Further, this type of culture is also enhanced and justified by the prevailing ideas of westernization in our society. As these things take us away from the reality, we have to act more in our life instead to live it the way it is and when it goes wrong it creates stress and many such consequences comes as a result of it. The evidence to this is that even we are living in the era of highest technology and comfort in the history of mankind but still we are having the most number of stressful and unhealthier people worldwide that has ever recorded. Today we have more problems than we ever had whether it is the degradation of our value system, health or the environment. 

As a result of such dependency on internet we become more habitual to it. It was created to solve our problems but as we become habitual we are intended to use it even if it creates further problems. Our efficiency to solve and find things by ourselves becomes diminished. We became the hub of information by the aid of internet but whether it proportionally increases our intelligence or not, that is a question. Few years back when people waited for days to watch their favorite shows, they were give more attention to it as it was rare and found more pleasure from it. It is a fact that deficiency of things automatically makes us a good manager, good seeker and we give value to it and abundance of anything makes us careless. Rare things when achieved give us more pleasure. Today hastiness of any news becomes more important than its exactness. Today, social media becomes the great tool to spread information and personal thoughts. But it is the same platform which becomes more vulnerable to fake news and misinformation. Students can get solution of complex problems very easily as a result it takes away their problem solving skills and they are now more depending on ability to retain things only. Artificial Intelligence greatly reduced our creativity levels. It rewires our brains to seek reward immediately as a result we become more result oriented rather than process oriented. When we as a matured person struggled with the pros and cons of technology, how can a child provided with technological aid for doing school work differentiate between these. Further, 

1) Will it replace offline teaching by physical methods? 
2) Can it provide the same level of creativity and joy to the students or it will takes their pleasure and makes the system more boredom and dully? 

In the conclusion, technology in itself cannot be good or bad. It is its intended use that makes it useful or disastrous. Same chemical that is used to make crackers can also be used to make bomb. It is the value system that stimulates the idea of using technology in best possible way. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence greatly enhanced our standard of living but it should not come at the cost of standard of life. 

B.Tech (DT), LUVAS
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Value system is all that we need