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Life Programming from Birth To Death

Did you Ever think about that The whole world is like Programming Computer. One person program to another to perform a some kind of task, same like we double click on "My Computer" to open it.

We know that Life is only possible on Earth, But wait.....,
What you understand about Life?

We thinks that Human, Living happily with their family, Moving Living Beings around us and a complete ecosystem that's make them possible. is life,, is it?
But May be On other Galaxy other Planet, Life meaning is not about to look like Human beings.

On the time of baby's birth, he don't know what goods and what bad, even who are his parent. He is very pure soul who just take birth, 
and then...,

What after his birth?

His parent starts like a Programmer to program him, After that his mind gets a way to perform according to the programming keywords. he can easily differentiates who is his mother and father and after some times he starts saying them Mummy papa ( MoM and DaD ).

His parent program him for his future to perform a bugless process till death.

Here you can understand that most of his life"s directions are provided by his parents like a professional programmer..., but 
here you mind ask a question to yourself, that
Where did his parents got these programming keywords? and answer is 
"They got them from their parents"

After this you realize that a basic that how one person program to another because no one take birth with extraordinary skills and knowledge. These all are they got from their relative, personals, friends , society , surrounding .

And after getting these programming keywords they repeat the cycle as their parent did.

But my question is 
"Is this all about the LIFE ?"

Absolutely Not.

Everyone asks to you That
What you want to become?
Which Colour of Car you want to Buy?
Which food you eat Today?
Do you like Tea or Coffee?

But, Before finding the answer of Life 
Just find the answer of some questions

Who are You?
Why you take birth ?
Why you Exist ?
What is the purpose of your Existence ?
Why we are Getting Old?
Why we Die?
Whats after Death?
And the Answer of these questions is life

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