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Looking towards Stars with the Eye Of Science

                                                 The Great Yogi Giordano Bruno

This is brief perception about our universe that is what people were thinks about our universe when they were see towards Sky at night First time just after Life.
Its very difficult to tell about the starting of life on earth
1)   How life was started?
2) How they were so developed themselves that going to moon from earth is not  impossible?

According to Indian Vedas Puraan , it is now believed that life was started in water. Firstly, May be some kind of virus or bacteria are in water ,they developed , Evolved themselves with the passage of time arround million billion years of evolution Human being (Called Homosapien ) are Came into existence of life. Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution is completely based on this fact.

In 1600 BC , Aristotle's book (On the Heaven) he said that Our earth is only planet in our Universe where life is exist.
Sun and Moon are revolve around Earth.
And this myth was so much popular that people were thinks if someone put some argument against this , they will punished them because they tried to made God insult.
At that time , A poor Man named "Giordano Bruno" had seen a dream about our universe. He said that "our Earth is not alone in this universe, Sun is stationary ,there are many more planet are there Which Revolves around Sun.
But people punished him and put him on fire as they think his violation of God Law will brought some great disaster and all the humanity will have to pay his price.
But after the Use of modern telescope by The Galileo to systematically observe Celestial bodies ,he found that the statement of "Bruno" was absolutely correct. And after Galileo statement Everyone has put their  efforts to find out new planets and stars just to prove Bruno wrong.

Now we are approached almost same as outside the Earth and inside an atom.
Every atom has its own universe
And every universe has its own life
This all are seen by Bruno in his dream
And this is only possible when your mind is stable and you are free to move anywhere you want , same like Rishi Muni's are fall in their sleep for 10year 20 years
The Bruno is not Rishi muni but his soul was absolutely belongs to them

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