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Some facts about Blackhole

We all know about the beginning of the Universe, its starts with Big bang which results in the distribution of particles mass in an empty space. We still not sure about the beginning is starts with Big Bang.

 But two points indicates the the beginning of Universe starts with the Big Bang

   1)  The expanding Universe
   2)  The present Radiations

And Big bang results in the  formation of beautiful stars, suns planet comets, asteroids ,and Galaxies 
The stars suns and other shining celestial bodies are filled with hydrogen gas. 

The Term Named " Black hole " was discover by American scientist John Wheeler in 1969. and that time there were two theories about light ie dual behaviour of light
    One was that it was composed of particles and other was that it was made of waves and we don't know how they respond with respect to gravity but if light is composed of particles it should be affected by gravity. 

To understand about The Black hole we need to know about how they are formed, And to know about this We should need to understand about the life cycle of a Star. 
       When a star is formed it filled with large amount of hydrogen gas starts to collapse in on itself due to its gravitational attraction which results in the contraction force and the atom of gas collide with each other more and more frequently at greater and greater Speed the gas heats up And eventually the gas is so heat up that when the atom of hydrogen is collides they no longer to bounce off each other but instead merge each other and form Helium atom. The heat released in this reaction makes a start shine. And when all the hydrogen gas used by the stars ,death of the star will begin and at that time its size gets smaller and and smaller while its gravity gets increase and the resulting gravitational force become so strong and it can eat nearby object so quickly.

No one know about the second portal of Blackhole where is open to 

In 1783 John Michell he tell us about stars massive star having strong gravitational force that result in light could not escape from it . The light emitted by star surface was dragged back to star because of its strong gravitational field that show us about the particle behaviour of light Such object now we call Black holes, because that is what they are black void in space.

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